“Carter: Iraqis gave up Ramadi”

Defense secretary says forces lacked ‘will to fight’ ISIL [USA Today]

Interesting article. It states the obvious, despite having a 10 to 1 numerical advantage, despite having the best weapons the American taxpayer can buy, the Iraqi “military” peed their pants, threw down their weapons and ran at the first sign of ISIL. Hmm, kind of tough to give freedom to a bunch of cowards.

Americans go over there and die for them. American taxpayers buy their weapons. The neocons here in America vote the policies in to give Iraqis their freedom, yet it doesn’t work. Israel’s amen lobby here in the U.S. is perfectly willing to have Americans go die so Israelis don’t have to. Yet this whole interventionism thing just isn’t working out.

Iraq is a basket case, and shows no signs of changing.

Perhaps my favorite part of the USA Today article was at the very end. “Arizona Senator John McCain, the GOP chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, said Ramadi’s fall underscores a need to send in U.S. combat forces.” Wow. That is not the conclusion I came to. Nope, that is not the conclusion I came to when trying to unravel the cluster **** that is Iraq.

Nope, after 40 years of interventionism in the Middle East, killing more Americans to make Arabs free is not the solution I saw. Nope, not a bit. Nope, taking a nation that is already $18 trillion in debt, and indebting the American taxpayer by borrowing even more money from the Chinese, to buy weapons for the Iraqis, so they can give them to ISIL, is not the solution I saw. Nope.

But that is the solution seen by Senator John McCain, Senator Lindsay Graham and Senator Charles Grassley. And it is obviously the solution seen by the American voter, as they are the ones dumb enough to keep voting these warmongers into office.

Jim Roach

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