“Business owner: thief should do more time”


Lee Rood’s Reader’s Watchdog column was a good one this morning. John Renda of Communications Data Link of Grimes was upset that someone who had stolen $95,835 from him, and had received numerous second chances, is likely to serve only 18 months.

Lee Rood goes on to detail the history of the perpetrator, Danyelle Mutchler. It paints a rather obvious WTF reaction to the likely sentence of 18 months for someone who has the history she does. And who might be at the bottom of this incredibly bad plea bargain? Once again it comes back to the office of Polk County Attorney John Sarcone.

Anyone who has watched Polk County prosecutorial malfeasance for any length of time, is abundantly familiar with the name of John Sarcone. His motto: ‘Why go to the work of a prosecution when you can plea bargain!’ It wasn’t his money that was stolen.

Jim Roach


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