“Clinton maintains big Iowa lead”

Controversies don’t bother most Democrats, but some fear their impact in general election

Goodnight, this country is toast. It’s hard to find a more corrupt couple of people than Bill and Hillary Clinton, yet half the country, Democrats, don’t give a rodents rear-end. It is just staggering. Take Hillary’s private email server. Who but a criminal would even think of having one? You do it for the sole purpose of being able to erase it.

Take the millions of dollars flowing into the Clinton Foundation from foreign sources, among others. Hello! It’s not their ability at “speech” making, you fools. It’s a way to funnel cash for influence peddling. Does anyone really think it’s about speeches? Goodnight.

The Democrats have people they should elect, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren. Bernie is everything a Democrat should be. Which figures, he isn’t one. He just became a Democrat to run for president. Warren would make a good president, I think she really would go after the banks. But who do Democrats choose? A corrupt, over-the-hill jackass from Arkansas.

Jim Roach

Windmill (2) mkdck
photo by DME


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