“Iowa soldiers reflect on the fall of Ramadi”

One says ‘it makes them sick to see what’s taking place there now’

Josh Hafner of the Register has a very interesting article talking to the soldiers of the Iowa unit that was in the Anbar province 10 years ago in 2005 that has now fallen to ISIS. Members of that unit fought, bled and died to make Ramadi free, and their reward for that effort? The Iraqi military throws down their weapons and runs from ISIS despite outnumbering them 10 to 1.

Which brings up warmonger Bobby Jindal’s dig at Rand Paul last week. Rand Paul states fact when he says the weapons the American taxpayer bought for our ‘friends’ in the Middle East, are now in the hands of the enemy. The groups in Syria and Iraq that we armed last year, are sometimes the ones we are fighting this year. Not to mention the arms the Iraqi military turned over to ISIS because they are cowards that need the American military to fight their battles for.

When I heard Jindal try to deny the obvious, it just floored me. To be on the other side of an issue from John McCain, Mitch McConnell and Bobby Jindahl, is to be on the right side. The warmongering interventionists have absolutely nothing to show for their 40 year expenditure of American blood and money.

Jim Roach

Biker (2) ;f;psi
photo by DME


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