One question for Lindsey Graham

Competition shows cracks on security [USA Today 6/2]

Is the Middle East better off now? After decades of interventionist policy, did you leave it in better condition than you found it? How about it Lindsey? With all the meddling in the Middle East that you and John McCain and all your cohorts have advocated the past 40 years, is the United States of America better off? Has all your tinkering improved things? Is the Middle East more peaceful and stable?

Graham references Ronald Reagan as some great interventionist leader for the cause, all I remember Lindsey is Reagan getting 240 U.S. Marines blown up in a barracks in Beirut, Lebanon. That is a symbolic kickoff for U.S policy. And you have maintained that great legacy.

Below is a graph showing Reagan inherited a national debt that had just reached $1 trillion dollars when he took office. He took it to 3 trillion, Bush took it to 5, and we have never looked back. So if your goal is to blow American servicemen to smithereens and rack up huge amounts of debt, then Reagan is indeed your go to guy.

With all the destruction we’ve brought upon that region the past 40 years, with all the millions of innocents we’ve killed, you bet your ass we have to fight now. Maybe we wouldn’t if we hadn’t poked a stick in the hornet’s nest.

Jim Roach


 [The graph stops mid-way through 2010. Now in 2015, the debt is over $18 trillion. Carter in the late 70’s I know had a debt around $940 billion. Reagan started the meteoric rise from $1 – $18 trillion that the nation will never recover from.]

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