Lindsey Graham? Are you serious Register?

Goodnight! Among senators hoping to be president, Graham deserves a look was today’s editorial by the Register. I can’t think of anything more wrong with politics than Lindsey Graham. I can’t think of anything more damaging to freedom than Lindsey Graham. I can’t think of anything more deadly to American soldiers than Lindsey Graham.

My God that was an asinine assertion by the Register: Iowa Republicans have a lot of candidates to choose among, but they should not ignore Graham. He’s at the bottom of the polls for a reason! He, Bush and Christie are as worthless as you get! Goodnight, as liberal as they are I’m always trying to figure out in what sense they are ‘Republicans’! Iowans have those 3 at the bottom of the polls.

Old age has one benefit at least, you start to figure out the ways of the world. Now I’m starting to get why the Register has been on the warpath about the Straw Poll, their liberal neocons like Graham don’t have a chance in hell of winning it. I remember a few months ago when Bush got jeered here in Iowa, Kathie Obradovich and Jennifer Jacobs rushed to his defense. Bush doesn’t have a chance in hell of winning it either. But they never get tired of pushing liberal Republicans.

That and from reading between the lines in today’s page 1 article, Some in Iowa GOP see party’s presidential power wane. The targeting of the Straw Poll is also payback for the establishment getting the crap scared out of them in 2012 with the “takeover” of the party apparatus by the Ron Paul people. Than at the convention 22 of the 28 delegates said “screw you” to Mitt Romney and cast their votes for Ron Paul.

Establishment Democrats and establishment Republicans can agree on one thing, they hate small government constitutionalists. Democrats and Republicans may not like each other, but they hate libertarians, they threaten the status quo. The last thing Democrats and Republicans want to see is limited government breaking out. The last thing the Establishment types want to see is ‘gravy train interruptus’.

That’s why the Register is pushing Graham, and that is why the Register hates the Straw Poll. I was missing a piece of the puzzle. The Register also had a thing for Tim Pawlenty in 2012, and the straw poll is what knocked Pawlenty out. They wanted the straw poll gone so their precious neocons aren’t hurt by it.

Jim Roach

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