“U.S. vows to step up Iraqi training”

Hmm… training… training? Is that what the problem with Iraq is? A lack of training? You know somehow I’m just not buying it. What with the years and years we have been training them. What with the billions and billions of dollars the American taxpayer has spent buying them weapons. Nope I don’t think there has been one iota of a lack of investment in time or money. Nope. You could train ’em till the camels come home and it wouldn’t make a spit of difference.

I don’t think you can train “courage”. I don’t think you can train “honor”. I don’t think you can train “love of country”. That culture is a basket case. The people in that culture hate Americans. They hate Israelis. They hate Europeans. Hell, one group of Muslims hates the other group because they practice that Satan guided cult slightly different than they do. How the heck we plan to get that screwed up culture functioning like civilized human beings is beyond me. No, Obama you dumbass, training is not the answer.

The media is completely ignoring this assertion. They swallow it hook line and sinker that more wasted tax dollars, and more dead Americans is somehow going to make that cesspool called the Middle East a livable region. Nope, ain’t gonna happen. That culture’s head will forever be up its rectum. If we haven’t been able to do it in 40 years, when exactly will we?

No one answers that question. Why is this time going to be different? CNN is clueless. They have been focused this week on a prison break. I’m not making that up. CNN has been obsessed with a couple of guys who busted out of a prison in New York. We’re closing in on 40 years of war, and CNN is worried about a prison break. We’re closing in on 40 years of killing American soldiers, and spending another trillion of taxpayer dollars, in constant state of war with barbaric headloppers, and CNN is worried about a prison break in upstate New York. They aren’t concerned one bit that we have a leader so delusional that he thinks spending more dollars is the answer. You’d think they might sound the alarm if the captain of the ship is steering us over the falls.

But perhaps most amazing of all, is the idiot passengers on the ship who just look out over the railing, and say, “Oh look how pretty the falls are!” You elected that captain, you morons.

Jim Roach

I love you Dad! (2)

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