“Graham’s bid runs on defense”

Military Industrial Complex cartoon

Saturday’s USA Today article, Graham’s bid runs on defense, was devastating. It clearly shows how Graham is owned lock, stock and barrel by the military – industrial complex. My God, it shocked even those of us who knew something was wrong with the sick way Graham was in such a rush to send American soldiers off to die in the sand to make Arabs free.

Graham’s entire shtick is ridiculous. He wants to spend money we don’t have, by borrowing it from the Chinese, and kill American soldiers along the way, to “save” a people, who, if they had the upper hand, would lop off our heads. They hate us! Who doesn’t get that? 911 ring a bell with anyone? The Arab world cheered! We are the infidel to them, they want to kill us.

And morons like Graham, being controlled by his puppet masters in the defense industry, wants to ruin America to “save” these people? How can you not get this? Lindsey Graham should be thrown out of office, not be considered for President. And who does the Register essentially endorse? Lindsey Graham ( Among senators hoping to be president, Graham deserves a look – Register editorial).

Good grief, the USA Today article details who owns Graham. The South Carolina Senator doesn’t work for the American people, he works for G.E., the Export-Import Bank, Ronald Perelman and Humvee maker AM General. If anyone ever represented what was wrong with Washington, it is Lindsey Graham. How anyone could even consider voting for scum like that is beyond me.

We’re breaking our back (and bank), to save people who would kill us if given the chance.

Jim Roach

aa Is she going to spin (2)
photo by DME

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