“White House realizes Iraqi inability”

“Additional Americans will link with tribes more willing to fight”

No one sees any unintended irony there? No one in the media is calling out the administration? Tribes? We are basing the spearhead of our operations in the Mideast on a cobbled together coalition of tribes?

I was looking on Wikipedia’s site and they said the Iraq War started on March 20, 2003. So after a dozen years and a trillion of U.S. taxpayer dollars, we are banking our hopes on tribes? After the U.S. taxpayer bought the vaunted Iraqi army all those nice weapons, which they threw down and ran from, we are now relying on camel herders? Of course…

“The  country’s military is unable and unwilling to fend off the Islamic State.”


“Last month’s fall of Ramadi was a stark reminder to the Obama administration of the hollowness of Iraq’s army.”


“Most left the city without putting up a fight despite outnumbering the militants.”


“The same thing happened in June 2014, when Iraqi forces fled as the Islamic State captured Mosul.”


“Iraq: No appetite for ISIL fight.”

Hmm… and no one in the press is calling out Obama on this disaster? The other amazing thing, is the lack of survival instinct with those people. The headloppers are coming for you, and you won’t fight? You don’t have a “survival instinct”? The only part of “fight or flight” you know is flight?

Jim Roach

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