“Trump’s challenge: Turn celebrity into support”

Thank God we have the Register’s Josh Hafner and Drake’s Dennis Goldford to warn us not to elect Trump. And that Jennifer Jacobs educated us a couple of months ago when she found that clause in the Constitution that says you have to be a military general or professional politician to be President.

Can you imagine what might happen if you turned a nonprofessional politician loose in the White House?

It could be horrible! Why, he might leave the southern border wide-open and flood the country with 11 million wage depressors and potential terrorists. He might rack up an $18 trillion dollar debt. He might involve us in perpetual war in the Middle East. He might saddle the nation with a bunch of unsustainable entitlement programs. He might destroy the nation’s healthcare system. Good Lord, we sure don’t want a nonprofessional politician in office. Thanks for the warning Josh and Dennis.

Jim Roach

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