The Fantastic Four

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Your presidential picks say a lot about a person. I really can’t refine my choices more than down to these four, Trump, Paul, Carson and Sanders. It makes sense though when you consider I run a blog called “Iowa Independents”. Only one of my picks is a “professional” politician of one of the two major parties, Rand Paul, and he is to a large degree persona non grata with the Republican establishment.

Bernie Sanders is a “career” politician, just not with a major party. He’s running as a Democrat simply to avoid the impossible hurdles of an independent run. His usual moniker is that of ‘independent’ or socialist. Trump is a businessman of course, and Carson is a retired physician. That group is about as nonconformist as you get. I noticed that even with the extremely wide variances on particular issues, they share a couple of traits.

Aside from Paul, they would all be classified as “older”, but I don’t think that’s one of the commonalities. They all happen to be men, but that’s only because Sarah Palin isn’t running. She shares their traits also.

All four of these guys bug the hell out of the establishment. All four of these guys say what they mean and mean what they say. Just like the guy who made the phrase famous, Pat Buchanan. I think the similarity that brings them all together, was the common theme during the discussion on Jan Mickelson’s radio on the day Trump announced.

Essentially every caller said this about Trump: Say what you want about him, you know what you are getting. He won’t lie to you. He won’t tell you what you want to hear. He’s blunt. He won’t sugarcoat it. I think that applies to all four of this group.

They also tend to be populists. They tend to all be accomplished in their own field. They also stand in stark contrast to your run-of-the-mill two-faced politician that people are so tired of. None of them are the warmongers currently in control of Washington. None of them seem to have the goal in life of enriching special interest groups and the elite.

I’d take any one of these four for president. I submit that if  any one of the others is elected, you will get business as usual.

Jim Roach

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