Going to see Bernie!


If you work for an hourly wage and don’t vote for Sanders, you’re a fool. The last hope this country has to dump the notion that government exists solely for the benefit of banks and corporations is Bernie Sanders (okay and Elizabeth Warren but she’s not running).

I’m going to see Bernie July 4th in Waukee, Iowa at the Meyer Learning Center, 400 Locust at 2 pm.

[“Sanders seeks unified front by Americans”, DM Reg 7/3. “Democratic presidential hopeful calls for voters to take on country’s ‘billionaire class’. Bloomberg Politics and Quinnipiac University show him cutting into Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton’s lead in Iowa.” Every stop he makes he needs to repeat that something is horribly wrong when 99 % of the wealth in this country is held by 1 % of the people. That ain’t class warfare, that’s a sign of a country seriously out of whack. – Jim Roach]

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