Funny we should lose our country on July 4th


Steady as she goes Donald. You’ve met political correctness, let’s see how it ends. I think Mickelson on WHO the other day was talking about you when he said, “They’re trying to stop him through his persona because they fear his ideas; Alinsky 101.” (A reference to American communist and Obama mentor Saul Alinsky, ‘Rules for Radicals’.)

If you watch CNN you’d think he was the only one in the race, that is all they are covering, what comes out of the mouth of The Donald (that and the prison break in upstate New York). What I’m thinking Donald, is you better not blink. You show fear, and they will rip you to shreds. You show doubt and they will eat you alive.

Be bold. You thought you were running for President of the United States, little did you know that sometime in the night it became New-Mexico! Yeah I’m not entirely sure when it happened either. But you put 11 million wage depressors in the country, things are going to go off-track. What corporate America wants, corporate America gets.

You could tell things were out of whack when you could no longer use the logical term ‘illegal’ to describe someone who had broken into your country illegally. They became ‘undocumented’ immigrants. Making sure only citizens voted turned into ‘disenfranchising’ Latino voters. Pat Buchanan nailed it pretty well in 2002 with ‘Death of the West’, how it all came down to birthrates and demographics. Very much how Texas was born when they took that part of Mexico simply by the number of settlers.

So now on the nations birthday when we celebrate our forefathers who fought and died to create this country, this generation gives it away. For at least a generation now I’ve noticed some peculiar logic permeating national discourse. America was / is the greatest nation on earth. Yet whenever discussion came up about what course we should take as a nation regarding this or that issue, liberals (radicals) were often trying to get us to go in the direction of say Europe. “We need European style healthcare!” “The gas taxes are much higher in Europe!” “We need paid family leave like Europe!”

Never did I ever hear anyone on either side of the aisle point out that Europe was able to employ their democratic socialism because we footed the defense bill. You can do a lot of things if you don’t have to fund an army. America was NATO. Plus it never occurred to them or the voter that if your country is # 1, why would you want to model your country after them? It makes no sense.

Your country is the one everyone in the stinking world wants to come to, why on God’s green earth would you want to emulate them? The only reason we happen to be being flooded with Mexicans, is because the rest of the hell holes on earth don’t have a land bridge. You think there would be anyone left in China if they could walk to America? Fat chance, it would be last one out turnout the lights.

Nope, if India had a land bridge, they’d be here. And for some reason liberals agree with that philosophy. Outside of parts of Europe, if every other country on earth is a hell hole, and America is the Shining City on a Hill, bring everyone here! Forget that we take in more legal immigrants then the rest of the world combined, they also want a flood of illegals and an extensive refugee program.

To question this is to become “xenophobic”. Some like myself question the logic of bringing the entire contents of the globe to one land mass. For certain cultural and environmental reasons, not to mention common sense, it is our idea that it would make more sense to export our ideas, rather than import the world.

Cultural suicide isn’t pretty. My generation will be dead before things get real bad, God help my kids though. What are the “racist” things Trump has said? The media is busy characterizing Trump’s remarks, but rarely do I hear what it is he actually said. I did hear him say that 80 % of the women coming here get raped by their fellow Mexicans during their journey. He surely didn’t make that statistic up.

I know for a fact that 33 % of our federal prison population is made up of illegal immigrants. I know for a fact that 13 people a day (a Columbine a day) die at the hands of illegal immigrants from Mexico (manslaughter, murder, drunk driving…). It may not be something a liberal (or most ‘conservatives’) want to hear, but the truth is what it is.

I’m sorry if The Donald is kicking down political correctness’s door, but it needs to be kicked down. Politeness, manners and decorum have gotten this country $18 trillion in debt. Has gotten this nation in a perpetual state of war. Has gotten this nation over a 40 year trade debt with China because we gave up our manufacturing prowess. Has gotten this nation entangled with unsustainable entitlement programs.

Not to mention the obvious contradiction of having a “war on terrorism” while you have a wide-open and completely unsecured southern border.

We don’t need anymore political correctness, we need frank, brutal honesty. And judging by the surging poll numbers of Trump, the people respect it. They are tired of the media lying to them and are saying kiss my ass. We’ve had it up to here with Republicans wanting cheap labor and liberals wanting undocumented Democrats.

Jim Roach

Carrot cake! (2) nj

“An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last.”
— Winston Churchill

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