The Choir Boys

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I wonder what MS 13 stands for? The media would have you believe the people making illegal border crossings across our southern flank are all here to pick our lettuce. I don’t know, but I don’t think the guy above is a lettuce picker. If I had to guess.

I wonder if the media has ever heard of ‘coyotes’? Nah, not the type that was always chasing The Roadrunner, beep, beep! Though I am beginning to think the media lives in cartoon land. Wikipedia makes an important distinction between those people dealing in human trade on the border. You have your smugglers, who haul mostly men for money. And you have your traffickers, who haul mostly women. For the sex trade. I don’t think they pick lettuce either.

Want to look at some fun pictures? Take a look at what you get when you do an image search for Mexican drug cartel violence . Those pics will make you puke. I don’t think they pick lettuce either. Funny thing, but with over 80 % of the narcotic traffic in the USA coming across the southern border, you know what? It ain’t brought here by choir boys.

Now how do you suppose 33 % of our federal prison population that you and I pay for, happen to be felons who committed other crimes after coming here illegally? Do you suppose they pick lettuce? Nah I don’t think so. I do tend to think they make up the murderers, rapists and thieves that hide out in our liberal “sanctuary” cities like San Francisco.

I wonder who puts out ‘hit’ contracts on sheriffs along the border and on border patrol agents? Do you suppose it’s choir boys? Mucho banditos, si. Trump is so unfair.

Jim Roach


[You can thank the United States Congress for the wide-open border we’ve had for over 40 years, and the accompanying violence, death and wage depression. Thank you Grassley. Thank  you Harkin. Oh! And don’t forget to thank Polk County Sheriff Bill McCarthy! He’s been a longtime advocate of illegal immigration and along with the Des Moines Register has made Polk County a sanctuary county!]

bill mccarthy

[There have been a lot of murders in Polk County committed by illegal aliens the last few years, and that sheriff pictured above is responsible. He might has well of pulled the trigger himself.]

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