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Do you remember when you first heard the accusations of Bill Cosby being a rapist? You went, “Oh man…”. Or how about yesterday and the child molestation accusations against Jared from Subway fame, you went, “Oh man…”. Cherished warm fuzzy icons had destroyed your faith in your fellow man. For people who have a clue politically, there was no one more trusted than Ron Paul.

So when I was getting ready to turn off the TV last night and I saw this ad with Ron Paul come on and he was warning about an impending economic collapse, I listened! When he told me to go to Ron Paul Message 10. com , you can believe, I went. I listened intently, waiting to hear the warning from this trusted modern day Paul Revere. I expected to hear, “The Feds are coming! The Feds are coming!”

Instead what I got was an infomercial for an overpriced book and newsletter subscription called: America 2020 -The Survival Blueprint. Oh man…

I’m not a prepper, yet, but I’m getting there. As Paul notes as pitchman for Porter Stansberry’s book, it’s not hard to imagine an economic collapse leveling America. As Paul throws out in his spiel certain facts like, “It took America 226 years to rack up $9 trillion in debt, we doubled it in 8 years!”, and, “We are barely able to manage the interest payments on the national debt, can you imagine what would happen if the Fed raised interest rates above 0 %?” (rough quotes).

Everything Paul says is true. The point is all the information you need to know to survive, is available for free. You don’t need this book. It does make you real curious to know just how much Paul was paid, to trade his reputation for an infomercial fee. He spent 45 years building a reputation for trust and honesty, and he fritters it away in 30 minutes.

And he does make an important distinction about what’s coming is not a banking collapse like 2008, or a stock market collapse like 1929, but a currency collapse. The result of printing boatloads of money out of thin air while racking up huge amounts of debt. The collapse comes when that point is reached where there is no longer any trust in the currency that your government has been peddling. Faith is required for a monetary system that isn’t backed by precious metals. No faith = no currency.

When I went to Amazon and read the reviews down below where you could buy it (in the infomercial they tell you “Its not available on Amazon!”), a couple of reviewers say in 4 or 5 sentences the “Must have knowledge!” contained in this 300 page book. Here’s one:

“Here it is in a nutshell folks… 1) Open a foreign bank account less than $10K 2) Buy land outside the US to evacuate to if necessary 3) Buy Silver 4) Buy Farmland. I got the same advise from prepper sites. Not much value in the info as it is out there everywhere, and here is the report for free…”


“Don’t buy! – You don’t need to read this book. The economic collapse it predicts will happen, but the advice given in this book is nothing that you can’t figure out for yourself. This book is over-hyped to the point of being a scam, one of many that capitalize on the coming disaster.”


“Promises much, delivers warmed over ideas – I  was disappointed. They write great marketing pieces that make you want to “know”. But then you find out what you already did know. I do think America has some challenges to face, and I do think our leaders are clueless or greedy or both.”

Right above it at Amazon were perfectly good prepper books you can buy for $8.49 new. Titles like, “The Death Of Money: The Prepper’s Guide To Surviving The Coming Economic Collapse”. Or, The Crash of 2016: The Plot to Destroy America, and what we can do to stop it”. You can also buy them for $5.23 used.

You gotta love people who are waiting to swoop down and pick the bones of people during a disaster. As the reviewers pointed out who read this “must have book!”, common sense and free info will get you a long way. Have guns, ammo, food, can opener, batteries, water, filter, medical supplies, access to a garden plot, silver, gold and a few other items, and you’ll be light-years ahead of your neighbor.

Save the money you’d spend on Porter Stansberry’s “must have book and newsletter subscription!”, and buy a few supplies. Never figured Ron Paul for a snake oil salesman.

Jim Roach

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[Its also important to stockpile carrot cake.]

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