Citizens arrest! Citizens arrest!


“Jindal calls for end to direct ag subsidies” [Register 7/12].  Good grief man, I thought you were trying to run for president in Iowa, not get yourself lynched! When Iowa Republicans talk welfare reform, they don’t mean for farmers! That’s crazy talk. Jindal must be shooting for last place in the Iowa caucuses. End to subsidies?! You watch out, them farmers will come at you like a biting sow!

Iowa farmers HAVE to have subsidies, when Iowa Republicans talk about free markets, they don’t mean for farmers silly! When they talk about competition, they don’t mean for farmers. Its the same reason the Republicans keep the southern border wide open for the illegal immigrants, farmers can’t be expected to pay a living wage to Americans! We have to subsidize big ag by allowing them to pay substandard wages to illegals.

The article points out that Iowa farmers collected $24.9 billion in subsidies between 1995 and 2012. 10 % of farmers collected 59 % of the subsidies, or $12.3 billion during that period. We end up with the scenario where minimum wage workers subsidize millionaire farmers.

Jim Roach

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