Lemmus norvegicus - Naica animales salvajes - Lemming

Throughout my lifetime the American people have behaved like lemmings. Every four years the media and the political leaders take voters for a ride that is detrimental to their own best interests. In this cycle’s presidential race, the two leaders on the Democrat and Republican side that are setting the agenda are Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump. They are saying what each side supposedly stands for. They are saying what the others have promised for 50 years and yet never manage to actually deliver. No one would accuse Sanders or Trump of lying. They tell it like it is.

No  one doubts that Sanders and Trump believe what they are saying. Yet the press doesn’t want either one. One particular refrain you will hear from the “conventional wisdom” crowd, is that neither Sanders or Trump are “electable”. Which brings up an interesting scenario. Say the lemmings in this country actually threw off the shackles of their masters and put those two up as the nominees of their respective parties. One of the two would have to get elected. In a race between two candidates deemed “unelectable”, one would have to win. What then?

Aye, would it not be a grand and glorious day? The establishment picks, Clinton and Bush, tossed out on their ass. “Conventional wisdom” thrown out the window. Corporate interests left at the curb. The insiders left sputtering? It won’t happen of course. Lemmings are lemmings after all.

Jim Roach


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