How to commit political suicide (without really trying)

Donald-Trump jsod

Who loves ya baby? We’re finding out real quick who doesn’t. The only person who might be able to take out Trump, is Trump. Lots of irony here. He rose to the top of the polls fair and square. He might get knocked off all on his own accord. To try and denigrate McCain’s record as a vet is crazy. What McCain went through as a POW is something no human should ever have to experience. I can safely say I wouldn’t be able to do what he did. McCain as a vet is untouchable.

McCain as a senator is another story. I don’t think there is one thing Trump could say about McCain as a senator that I would disagree with. McCain has a globalist agenda that is a detriment to American sovereignty. McCain’s actions as a senator have sacrificed American lives, safety, security, jobs, prosperity and freedom. McCain’s votes in the senate have put this country on a perpetual war footing that as a result have killed a minimum of half a million noncombatants in the Middle East. A minimum of half a million people who should not be dead, but are, as a result of American actions that McCain voted for. McCain’s incredible behavior as a POW cannot erase these facts. McCain’s behavior as a member of the military cannot erase his behavior as a senator. As remarkable as his record is in the former, it is in stark contrast to the deadly and unconstitutional record he has as a senator.

This unsupported ‘warm fuzzy’ feeling most Americans have for McCain as a man, do not change the horrific record of McCain the senator. Trump’s utter contempt for McCain as a senator, was unfortunately communicated as contempt for the man. It is a shame this had to happen. Trump is exactly what America needed at this time. Politeness, manners and decorum have gotten this country into one hell of a mess. We needed a wrecking ball to come in and tear down a few walls. Regrettably, he may have tore down himself as well.

Jim Roach

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