“Trump peaks – or hits bottom”

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Analysts disagree on whether firestorm helps or hurts him [USA Today] Judging from the reaction on talk radio Monday, it would be premature to write the obit for The Donald quite yet. Not just ya, but hell ya! New ABC poll shows Trump up 11 points over his nearest rival (and 12 points over Bush).

But the question that came to me today was hearing the replay of the questioning at the Family Leader event on Saturday. What relevance was there for Frank Luntz to even bring up the point about John McCain being a war hero 50 years ago? Think about that, candidates are applying for the job of president for the year 2016, and Frank Luntz is bringing up the actions of a pilot in the military in 1967??

What the sam hell does that got to do with anything?? Trump is pointing out to Luntz (and hitting home) what a bad senator McCain has been, what a bad presidential candidate McCain was, and what bad things McCain had just called 10,000 Americans at a rally in Arizona, and Luntz interrupts to say McCain was a war hero in 1967? What does that have to do with today? Goodnight…

Hannity had a good point on his show, act presidential, apologize and move on. Show people you have more than just a fastball. Rush’s take was that the press had expected Trump to curl up and die. They aren’t used to someone fighting back. I like the idea of a clean, clear, simple apology. Then give them hell!

The press always thought McCain was this adorable ‘maverick’. They only thought that because he voted half the time like a Democrat. Nothing special about being a Rino. McCain should apologize to those 10,000 Americans for calling them a “bunch of crazies”.

Jim Roach

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