You can’t prove it! (Nah, nah, nah nah nah!)

Hillary’s campaign slogan should be: You can’t prove it!” I’m listening to the Sunday morning shows, reading the Sunday paper, and it’s all about how the evidence chain isn’t there in the email scandal to bring charges against Hillary Clinton. Isn’t that a ringing endorsement for a presidential candidate? “You can’t prove it!” Wow.

I think if I were a Democrat, I’d be embarrassed. Maybe they should all  wear paper bags over their heads. Goodnight. The Democrat’s big gun isn’t arrested because the case against her can’t be proved. What a winner. Maybe even funnier, is victory for the Republicans isn’t a guarantee against such a loser.

Let’s not over complicate things. You conduct business on your business computer, and your personal affairs on your PC.

This isn’t even bringing into play the influence foreign governments bought with our government by paying the Clinton’s millions of dollars for “speeches”. Who believes that crap? It’s called influence peddling. Goodnight. Once again, she only stays out of jail because there isn’t video evidence.

Polls show Americans don’t trust her. Don’t like her. And recognize that Hillary’s #1 priority in life, is Hillary Clinton. She’s saying about her and Bill, “You can’t catch us! You can’t catch us! Nah, nah, nah nah nah!” I raise my glass to you Democrats, what a candidate you have there! The Clinton’s get away with it once again. What a proud day for Democrats.

Jim Roach


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