Hold on Donald, Jim Gilmore’s in the race!

17 ? Ooooo… Jim Gilmore. I just hope we can unclear the logjam at the top, Pataki, Graham, Christie, Gilmore… goodnight. What are these people thinking? They’re retired, they’re bored, they want something to do, and President is what pops into their head? WTF? Try golf. They bring nothing. You got some leadership skills? Some organizational talent? Then sign onto one of the campaigns with juice, help out someone who has a chance in hell. You don’t!

Then you have the group that shows how deep the bench is on the Republican side. The people Hillary isn’t fit to loose the sandal strap of. Rubio, Jindal, Huckabee, Fiorina, Santorum, good grief what a lineup. Brilliant, principled, decent people. I just heard Huckabee on the radio today saying something brilliant. He was talking about airport security. He points out TSA screens stuff. El Al screens people. We don’t have anyone in the Federal behemoth that can process that concept. Which is one reason we will continue to have problems. Luggage isn’t the enemy. We’ll continue to fight inanimate objects, and import the real enemy into our midst.

Then, as if the Republicans didn’t have enough talent, you have the group I’d actually pull the lever for, Paul or Carson. Then you got the one I hope wins, Trump. What do the Democrats got? One. Sanders. The Republicans got so many choices its ridiculous. Lets hope steel sharpens steel. The rest of those clowns? They’re selling books and applying for cabinet positions.

Jim Roach

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