What’s not to understand?

CNN and a lot of the establishment Republicans are having one hell of a hard time understanding Donald Trump. I’m not surprised they are baffled by it all. They were surprised when an “actor” kicked their butt in 1980. The establishment had zero respect for Ronald Reagan. In their mind he was barely better than Goldwater. George Bush the First was the establishment candidate with the ultimate pedigree. Yale man, brave service during the war, headed several very important government agencies. And during the debates with Reagan, he got his ass kicked by a natural born leader of men. A man who didn’t have a pedigree.

Hell, Ronald Reagan bluffed his way into radio on WHO Des Moines by virtue of a quick wit and a gift for gab. He was not a blueblood, but he did have cojones. People pick up on that. In 1950, MacArthur was the leader, Eisenhower was the globalist the establishment wanted. Guess who got picked? Patton, same thing. He was an Alpha leader, it got him assassinated.

It will be interesting to see who gets picked this go around. Jeb Bush, the pudgy wimp who inherited the boring gene from his daddy, or Trump, the people’s choice. I’m looking at the 17 Republican candidates and the only other leader I see is Ted Cruz. Jindal? Maybe. Other than that the cupboard is rather bare. Oh, there’s a ton of policy wonks, but few leaders. As Rush would call it, “the feminization of America”. The males in this country have been neutered, to the detriment of the country, and surprisingly enough, women.

Rand Paul has perfect policies, everything I’d want in a senator. A natural leader? Probably not. Ben Carson? Perfect mind, great ideas, one hell of a man. A natural leader? Probably not.

This “pussification” of America into a bunch of politically correct wimps, has so stunted the analyst’s judgment, they haven’t been able to identify what type of animal Trump is. It has been that long since they have seen a leader, they don’t know what one is.

Jim Roach

aa Is she going to spin (2)

[I almost forgot Jesse Ventura, there was a leader. He scared THE hell out of the establishment when he knocked off the Republican and Democrat candidates for Governor of Minnesota. That’s what it is, someone who doesn’t give a rodents rear end what the powerful want, but what’s best for the people of his state, our country (notice I didn’t say ‘homeland’). Uncontrollable. As was pointed out to me last night when I asked why the gazillians of dollars was pouring into the Bush campaign, because he is not very impressive, the response was, “He’s controllable”. Of course, it helps with the Ventura legend that when he was only 7 he killed a bear on the way to school with nothing but a loose-leaf notebook. Well that’s what I  heard.]

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