Donald and the 16 dwarfs

The term “historic” has been used about tonight’s presidential forum. The FOX staff last night and this morning were all excited as the eyes of the nation are focused on them. It has been predicted that this will be the most watched presidential event in history. Hmm, why might that be?

Could that reason be Donald Trump? Ah yes, I think it could. Being an experienced channel flipper, it has been fun going between CNN and FOX to catch what they are covering. Donald. I’d hate to be one of the other 16, It is all “Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!” I mean, Donald, Donald, Donald!

When the other candidates do manage to get some face time on TV, what are they asked about? Themselves? Their policies? Nope. They’re asked about the Donald. That has got to be very exasperating. As someone who has watched presidential politics for 50 years (I started young), I see this point on history’s timeline quite fascinating.

George Wallace was the first presidential claim jumper I remember, mostly ’68, and to a lesser degree ’72. A very boring John Anderson crashed the party in ’80. Ross Perot was the first non-politician butt-in-ski. Republicans always blamed him for putting Clinton in, but Perot couldn’t have gotten traction, if Bush hadn’t been so weak.

Which caused me to ponder the other day why on earth the establishment was pouring God awful amounts of money into the coffers of the Son of Bush, Jeb? The stuttering, stammering fence-post of a candidate does not inspire me, and really causes me to wonder about the intelligence of the millionaires pouring money into his campaign. What do they see that I don’t?

Jeb Bush is who they see as the leader of the free-world? Man, they are looking through different lenses than I am. Trump could destroy him with three sentences. “Your daddy was VP for 8, and president for 4. Your brother was president for 8. If the Bush’s couldn’t get it done in 20 years, what difference is 4 more years of Bush going to make?”

Think about that, 20 of the last 35 years have had a Bush at the reigns of power, what good did it do? Jeb was born on 3rd base and I don’t think he will ever make it “home”. Now that he is up against a slugger who hit a triple, his weaknesses are being laid bare.

The race is Trump’s to lose. Who would have guessed that the voters of this nation would ever figure it out? If politicians put us in this mess, quit putting them in office. We’re in the hole, quit digging. Since politicians have failed for 100 years, cut the cord. Try something new.

Jim Roach

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