What a candidate forum!

Donald-Trump jsod
Will Trump survive a disastrous performance?

Despite FOX News wanting to be the news, it was interesting to see all the candidates last night. Like a lot of interviewers/news people, they were more interested in making a name for themselves, then facilitating  the efficient transfer of information to the audience. It’s typical for “journalists” to have an inflated view of themselves. If you can’t ask a question in 10 seconds, you’re making a speech. It never occurs to those FOX clowns that when they are taking a full minute to ask a question, its obvious they have an agenda.

Ron Paul exposed Tim Russert in ’08 when he said to him, “Is there a question in there, or are you just making a speech?” Donald got his head handed to him. Megan Kelly kept dragging up this stuff from years ago out of context and did a real smear job on the Donald. I wasn’t convinced what Rosie O’Donnell had to do with running for president, but the establishment will stop at nothing to get rid of a threat like Trump.

As far as the other candidates go, Carson, Cruz and Huckabee seemed to really shine. Cruz would really be attractive if he didn’t advocate doubling legal immigration. Huckabee hit all the right notes. Carson was chock-full of wisdom and insight. Fiorina was also very impressive,  especially with her post debate smack-down of Chris Matthews.

As one radio host pointed out today, “I haven’t heard one person say Bush won the debate.” So true, that guy is a fence post. But the question remains, might Trump prepare for the next one? Lets hope so. FOX has been trumpeting the record 24 million that watched the forum, like they had something to do with it. Bullshit. People watched for one reason. As Buchanan pointed out today on McLaughlin Group, those FOX moderator clowns wanted to determine the outcome. They were not the reason for the 24 million viewers.

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