Right message, wrong messenger

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You could see the meltdown occurring in the half hour interview with Don Lemon last night.  Lemon just let Trump talk, and talk, and talk. The fiend! Lemon just asked questions without an agenda. Short, sweet, like a journalist. I have a lot of respect for him. Trump dug his own hole.

Talking about blood, and Megan Kelly… yuck! That gets him dis-invited from RedState. Everyone kind of wondered what would be “too much”, I think we found out. Which is quite sad really. As Hannity pointed out right after the Family Leader event where Trump insulted McCain, “The eyes of the entire world are focused on you Donald, what are you going to do with it?” 

Hannity was pointing out that the entire political world was focused on him and his every pronouncement, the sky was the limit. Trump blew it. He had the power of the people behind him, no one could take him out as long as he had the people behind him. But he spit on us. He could have had it all.

In the debate he should have had the sense to say about insulting Rosie O’Donnell and other women, “You know, looking back on it, I was wrong and wish I could somehow take it back. This is interfering with what I want to do for America!” Nope, just more insults.

I really thought it was an act, the bravado, that underneath he was normal. Doesn’t seem that way. His relationship with sanity does not seem all that strong. Nobody could have stopped him.

The message was right. The Republican Party for the most part is pointless. The majority of the candidates are worthless. A bag of peaches does have more natural leadership ability than Jeb Bush (and charisma). FOX News is part of the problem. Charles Krauthammer and George Will are worthless! Everything you said about politics and Washington was dead on! You had the right message. You had us in your palm.

But you blew it. Saving America and it’s people is serious business. You needed to show it respect.  You needed to take it seriously. Someone needed to tell you no.

Jim Roach

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[A sociologist could tell us the dynamics of the phenomena of populism. I’ve watched it casually over the years in politics and pop culture. Populists have always appealed to me. They stick it to “the man”, I love that. As long as a populist keeps focused on what brought him to power, he is indestructible.  Having the “power of the people” behind you is one awesome force. It is a force field that doesn’t allow the press to lay a glove on you. The establishment can’t touch you. As long as you stay principled. Invariably the populist destroys himself. A sex scandal, a financial scandal, a morals scandal, some compromising of the principles that gave him the Teflon shield. Once that shield is gone, the forces that want to rip him to shreds, do.]


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4 Responses to Right message, wrong messenger

  1. 1wanderingtruthseeker says:

    How did he blow it? She insults him, he gives in return. You could see fire, blood, daggers, whatever coming out of her eyes.

    • Iowa Life says:

      I do not remember anyone dominating the political stage like this, let alone an outsider. I fear the moment is passing where he truly could have revolutionized Washington. But his temperament and past comments have allowed the press to act like tabloid journalists. As a commentator pointed out, the other candidates were being asked policy questions, and Trump is being asked about insulting Rosie O’Donnell! It is crazy to be bogged down by this crap, Trump was about the only one talking sense on China, trade, illegal immigration and Republicans who have been in office for years and accomplish nothing. The pre-debate, debate, and the post-debate was ALL about Trump, but he won’t get rid of the distractions that are taking him and his campaign to make America great again, down. Trump needs to:

      1.) Apologize to any and all women he ever insulted, and mean it.
      2.) Apologize for insulting McCain’s military career.
      3.) Study the issues. Prepare. The fate of America is at stake.
      4.) Refuse to answer questions about your personal life.
      5.) Practice your debating skills and keeping your temper.

      The President of the United States is often referred to as the most powerful person on earth. Trump needs to start acting like he respects the position, and the people who would put him there. Megyn Kelly should not be part of the equation. He has the leadership skills and natural charisma to win. But he needs to work for it and learn to control his mouth. He has the stage, but is he using it wisely? (And thanks for your comment.)

      • 1wanderingtruthseeker says:

        I am standing with the same attitude as Trump. Never apologize for telling the truth. Let him without sin cast the first stone. Rosie has been a vindictive, pushy, daring any one to say to her. She attacked him first. As far as McCain, check the POWS that were there with him. I would say check his records but he has them sealed. Donald is the only one of ALL the candidates who has the issues straight. If you like your government you can keep your government because if you vote for any of the others it will be the same ole’ same ole’. Our President now is a joke. He is not a leader and I have looked at the other candidates voting records and they lie to we the people and go with the others. I find his open brashness refreshing and not a shamed to tell the truth and spill the beans.

  2. He wants national use-of-force guidelines for cops to follow, and wants to incentivize federal grants by making crisis de-escalation and racial bias training something that police departments actually want to do. O’Malley’s plan expands from there to include recommendations specific to mass incarceration, sentencing reform, and lowering the federal standard for Justice Department civil rights investigations. How much will it matter?

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