‘Trump means never having to say you’re sorry’

Donald-Trump jsod

Wow! The Teflon Man continues! Like Hannity was saying today, he has never seen anything like it. As he put it Trump defies the normal laws of politics. One caller he had though said Rasmussen had him down 9 points, but all the other polls have him up. Some even have him leading Iowa and New Hampshire. Great theater.

I keep hearing calls for Trump to come out with policy positions. In the past candidates have come out with detailed policies, planks and position papers. After they are elected, they promptly lose all record of their promises. Hannity said he would ask the Donald specifics tonight at 9.

Laura Ingraham was on Brett Baier’s show last night, along with Charles Krauthammer and some twit from the Washington Post named (I think) Charles Lane. Ingraham gets it at least. She nailed Krauthammer and Lane on their obtuse elitism after they said the people who are for the anti-establishment candidates, “crazies and wacko birds”. She goes, “They want the border controlled, they don’t hate all immigrants. They want smart trade deals, they don’t hate trade. They want government to do what it says it will, they don’t hate government.”

I’ve been watching George Will and Krauthammer. I figure its only a matter of time before their heads explode on camera. What with their precious Bush, Walker, Graham and the rest of the establishment candidates plummeting in the polls and disappearing from the coverage, I just hope the hosts are wearing aprons and goggles if the insurgent candidates keep rising. Exploding Kittens might be a cute card game,  But if neocon heads start exploding all over the place, it would not be pretty. Plus, FOX News would be gone.

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