The missing 18 1/2 minutes

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Back in the day Richard Nixon got in trouble for having erased 18 1/2 minutes of the historical record of presidential conversations. The “peoples business” is not open to having the office holder determine what is or isn’t appropriate for the historical record of our nation.  It’s just a little bit bigger than an individual.

Hillary Clinton decided to self select what was and what wasn’t the historical record of her business while she was on the taxpayer’s dime as Secretary of State. She deleted 30,000 emails. That’s what she did wrong, along with having her own server in the first place. Could it be she didn’t want a paper trail of the foreign governments buying access through donations to the Clinton Foundation?

CNN and a lot of the media are focusing on whether or not she held classified information on her server. That’s not the issue. The issue is why was she not using the official State Department server? That is where the official business of the United States was to be held, free from the tampering of corrupt politicians. Focusing on classified information is a red-herring.

We’ll never know “30,000 minutes” of the peoples business now. 30,000 minutes (or more with longer emails) will never be a part of the historical record of this great nation. Hillary doesn’t get to pick and choose what is history. It’s a wee bit bigger than her. And it’s a wee bit bigger than 18 1/2 minutes of tape. And they let her get away with the lame excuse she didn’t want to carry two devices??? That’s bullshit.

During this same period the media on a different issue, Tom Brady’s ‘deflate-gate’, is all in a twitter because he destroyed evidence in the form of a cell phone that texts could have been retrieved from. Swear to God the media never saw the irony. They’re upset about Brady’s destroyed cellphone, but not Hillary wiping a server clean??? Football versus national security, do we see the difference media? 

Jim Roach

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