Des Moines Register fails to guarantee candidate safety at Register soapbox

Animal Rights activists interrupt Christie speech [DM Reg 8/23]

The Des Moines Register was all a twitter this morning along with the local TV stations showing these clips of violent liberal protestors storming the stage of the Register’s soapbox at the Iowa State Fair, jostling presidential candidate Chris Christie [“Protests enliven final soapbox day”].

The management of the Register and that of the Iowa State Patrol are so clueless about candidate safety it is criminal. Those protestors touched Christie. It wasn’t cute. It wasn’t funny. Christie could easily have been murdered. A knife or gun attack would have been Childs play for someone with ill intent.

The protestors were up on the stage bumping into Christie for 10 seconds before the donut-eater with the Iowa State Patrol got his head out of his ass and got the protestor out of there. Christie could have been dead 3 times over.

The Register badgers Republican candidates to speak at their forum, like the candidate has some bizarre obligation to get screamed at and heckled by scum of the earth liberal protestors. Notice the Democrat candidates never get shouted down. Iowa Republicans have manners. They aren’t the scum of the earth types that tend to gravitate to the Democrats.

Until the Register takes it’s responsibility to the candidates seriously, the Republicans should boycott the soapbox. While the liberal Register can use the candidates as metaphorical punching bags, they cannot be allowed to use them as literal punching bags.

Jim Roach



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