Yes she’s a ‘bimbo’, but you can’t just say it!

Megan Kelly of FOX News

We get it Donald, FOX News is filled with a bunch of women that do not dress noticeably different than the residents of the Playboy Mansion, but you can’t just say that. We understand they use their looks to further their career, but they are “serious” news women. It’s true CNN women don’t look like they just sprang off the pages of Maxim, but you can’t just say it.

It’s to be expected, I’m sure when Walter Cronkite was starting out he posed coquettishly in a speedo. No doubt Mike Wallace began by slinking back on a couch in nothing but a towel and a smile. Good grief, give me a break.

Fox07 06 11 2013 j

“Does this microphone make my butt look big?”

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