Democrats ain’t got no bench


My God the Democrat cupboard is bare. Oh sure, the Republican’s have their Pataki, Gilmore and Graham’s running around, but they also have 4 or 5 really good people. The Dem’s got Hillary. They aren’t smart enough to elect Bernie. Rekha Basu in today’s Register inadvertently points that out. Rekha analyzes why Hillary isn’t doing well, and what she needs to do to win. Bullshit. If the Democrats had a bench, they’d ditch Hillary and bring in a sub.

Hillary is an unlikable, lying fraud. That is why she will never be elected. She is like that irritating sibling in the backseat of the car playing, “I’m not touching you!” Where the brother or sister holds their finger within a quarter of an inch of yours, and technically isn’t touching you. Hillary is playing that game with whether or not she had classified emails on her private server. I don’t give a rodent’s rear end, you shouldn’t have had a private server for government business. Period.

We are all tired of the Clintonian parsing of words and getting off on technicalities. Sit down, shut up and go back to Arkansas. We’re tired of you. And Democrats? If you can’t come up with a better candidate than Hillary Clinton, you don’t deserve to be called a political party.

Jim Roach

About Iowa Life

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