Panic at the country club!

01 country club

Oh My Gosh! New polls out! Trump, Carson, Fiorina! Non-politicians, outsiders, amateurs, not members  of the club! They’re kicking the ass of the establishment politicians. Trump 23%, Carson 23%, Fiorina 10%, pass the Depends, Karl Rove is crapping his pants! Bush 6%, Christie 2%, Graham <1%, Pataki <1% . George Will is crying like a baby!

Jennifer Jacobs told us in the spring that this couldn’t happen, she said you had to either be a politician or a military general to be elected president. She couldn’t be wrong could she? You and I thought the only requirements to be president was for the candidate to be 35-years-old and a citizen of the United States. But Jacobs did some digging (likely in that Constitution where you find a right to an abortion and birthright citizenship), and found that Article of the Constitution that says to be President you have to have been a politician or a general. I know, I know, your Constitution doesn’t have that clause.

I know her and Kathie Odorkovich were busy defending Bush a few months ago when he was being booed here in Iowa. It just wasn’t right! Last cycle the Register was in love with Tim Pawlenty and Iowa voters killed his campaign, they weren’t going to let the voters run Jeb out of town too!

A few months ago the Register in an editorial said Lindsey Graham was arguably the most qualified candidate! Wow, could you be any more out of touch? Could you be any further out of touch with the voters? Hey Register, could you possibly know your readers any less? But then, you also told Trump he had to drop out of the race. So it would seem the voters are inviting the Register to pucker up and kiss our ass.

Jim Roach

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