Wrong at every step, but the arrogance doesn’t stop

Kathie Obradovich’s article in today’s Register, Iowans squander power over candidates, bowled me over with it’s arrogance. The Register has been dead wrong in it’s analysis this political season, yet it remains so damn condescending. Obradovich is miffed that Iowa voters aren’t demanding nut and bolt specifics from Trump on his campaign issues.

You have to figure she really isn’t that stupid. That she does realize the role of president is that of a CEO. He tells the crew which way he wants the ship to go, and they make it go there. The whole “vision thing”. The CEO supplies the Mission Statement, and the vice presidents and department heads work out the details. Obradovich surely gets that, right?

I realize she takes a double whammy in the brain power department, a liberal and a journalist, but she can’t be that stupid. Besides, name me a politician who ever got into office, and the first thing he didn’t do was chuck all those detailed campaign promises straight into the trash can. They never follow that crap. That’s why Jeb is campaigning on the same issues his daddy did 35 years ago in 1980. They have no intention of following that crap.

That’s why people are finally waking up to the games politicians play, and are set to elect people who aren’t politicians. Trump, Carson, Fiorina, let’s hope one of you make it to the finish line.

But getting past Obradovich’s seeming ignorance on the role of president, let’s look at the crazy idea we should look to the Register for political expertise in the first place. At the beginning of the spring, before most people even knew who Ben Carson was, Jennifer Jacobs had 2 articles saying there was no point in supporting him, only a politician or general can be president. Then right after that when establishment candidate Jeb was getting booed in Iowa, Jacobs and Obradovich rush to defend this Republican, totally missing the antiestablishment groundswell.

Then in June the Register is writing editorials claiming Senator Lindsey Graham is the most qualified Republican for president. Lindsey Graham currently sits at 0 % in the latest poll. Not 9 %. Not 4 %. Not 2 %. Zero percent. That is where the man who the Register thinks is the one Iowa voters should pick now sits. A guy who got zero votes. They use the “less than one percent” term, he just didn’t get that high.

So Kathie Obradovich talks down to Iowa voters, and claims they are doing something wrong? This from the paper that completely missed this tsunami of discontent from voters nationwide? This from the paper that completely did not see that the top candidates were going to be nonpoliticians. This is a once in a lifetime political event. We are at a completely unique point on America’s political timeline, and we are supposed to take political advice from a paper who did not see history staring them in the face?

Jim Roach

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