The loyalty pledge

Back in 1996 we found out what Republican “loyalty” was worth. Pat Buchanan had just won the New Hampshire primary and Arizona was a week away. During that week there was a flurry of activity. The Republican hierarchy trotted out one bigwig after another to put in front of the TV camera and say that, “They couldn’t support Buchanan if he was the nominee.” Newt Gingrich, Colin Powell, Bill Bennett, Barry Goldwater. Surprise, surprise, that killed Buchanan’s campaign. That and the fact he never cut loose like Trump is doing. Pat wanted to stay conventional, he didn’t think it was dignified to go nuclear.

Then, when the primary was done, they had the gall to badger Buchanan into saying he wouldn’t run third party, after they had virtually spit on him. Not to mention making him a verbal punching bag by calling him all kinds of names like anti-Semite, xenophobic, racist, isolationist and on and on and on. They had the audacity to demand loyalty from him, when they had shown none to him.

Switch to 2015 and Donald Trump. He has gotten no respect from Bush and Graham and Perry and the Republican press, and he is supposed to pledge loyalty to them?? The only good thing out of this “loyalty pledge”, is that they are now on record of promising to support Trump if he is the nominee. That I want to see. Bush and Graham and Perry and Rand Paul now being forced to support Trump. Damn  straight. They ought to make every Republican office holder sign a pledge to start upholding the Constitution and the Republican Party platform.

Rush had an interesting insight in relation to this on Wednesday. His point was that establishment Republicans in essence ‘created’ Trump. He said that the Republican establishment’s ridicule and rejection of the Tea Party movement, caused those same people to be hungry for someone like Trump who could beat the establishment. By not putting out the welcome mat for people like Cruz, Paul, Rubio and Sarah Palin and the grass roots Tea Party people, the establishment created this guerilla force of outsiders who potentially have someone who can take them down.

As Rush pointed out, this isn’t about “conservatism” anymore, this is about making Washington function. This is about getting rid of the rot in DC.

Jim Roach

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