Religion of Peace fails to take in it’s own people

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Pope calls on Catholics to shelter Europe’s migrants [USA Today 9/7]

My gosh this is typical. Just like in times of natural disaster or famine in the Middle East, who comes rushing to the rescue? Is it Islam? Those fine folks of the Religion of Peace? Nope. It’s Christians. Once again the Religion of Peace has turned their own countries into such a hell on earth, the people are risking life and limb, literally, to reach Europe.

That’s odd, the people fleeing Libya and Syria are culturally and linguistically much better suited to flee to the Gulf States or North Africa. Yet those places won’t take them. Nor do the refugees seem to want any part of them either. They want Europe.

The part that kills me, so to speak, is they are fleeing hell on earth. Their culture and religion once again has made life unlivable where they were. So what is the first thing they do when they get to their new home? They try to recreate what they just left!

Guess what? It didn’t work! Don’t do that! Your culture, your religion, your way of life, it is a failure! Abandon it. You don’t want your own country. You don’t want the ones close to you that are similar. You want something far away and completely foreign to you, yet you won’t adopt their ways! Are you idiots?

As soon as you get the numbers, you start with the Muslim enclaves. You start with the areas where you implement Sharia Law. You make it impossible for native Europeans to go into the Muslim “no-go zones”. You take the place that was heaven on earth you so desperately tried to get to, and you immediately try to recreate the hell hole you just left!

You get an area that is relatively calm and prosperous, certainly compared to what you came from, and does the idea occur to you to emulate these people? Their religion? Their way of life? Hell no! You hate these people, you call them the infidel, you set out to kill them! You start bombing and murdering!

Everywhere you go there is nothing but death and destruction. And these Europeans welcome you with open arms. God’s ways are not man’s ways. Evidently. God help us. Please.

Jim Roach


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