Yellow Journalism lives on with Des Moines Register and Seven Days

Sanders rejects claims of being bad or abusive boss [DM Reg 9/2]

Kevin Hardy of the Register reprints the allegations of a Vermont rag that used nothing but anonymous sources to try and smear presidential candidate Bernie Sanders on Friday. Using four unnamed sources (weasel butts), Seven Days tries to paint the lone advocate of an American worker’s paradise as a real life lunatic you wouldn’t want to work for. I fail to see why the Register, which sees itself as respectable, would blindly repeat unsourced allegations. A person is free to make all kinds of claims when he doesn’t have to put his name to it. Who knows what the motivation was or how much they got paid, perhaps by an enemy. The Clinton’s are certainly not beyond that.

The Register did the same thing a few weeks ago when Iowa political operative Sam Clovis left the Perry organization to work for Donald Trump. Jennifer Jacobs, who evidently taught young Kevin Hardy everything she knows about yellow journalism, used nothing but anonymous sources and leaked private emails to publicly smear Sam Clovis. In other articles it came out that Iowa Republican Jamie Johnson headed the Perry campaign, so it became immediately clear who had leaked the private emails. Johnson has been a long time weasel butt, working behind the scenes to anonymously tar the Liberty movement also.

People often decry what a dirty business politics is. It doesn’t help clean things up, when the 800 pound gorilla in Iowa political reporting, is bereft of journalistic standards. When a person has to put their name to something, they immediately become a lot less forthcoming.

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