What “conservative” issue has ever been advanced?

American Radio Journal on today is typical of the Republican establishment’s war on Trump. Their Club for Growth is gearing up to run TV ads showing Trump is not a pure Republican! As we shall see, not being a typical Republican is actually a good thing. I can’t find in the past 100 years what good Republicans have done for America.

Another was all the whining and crying from the Perry camp today in the Register about his failed presidential campaign. Jamie Johnson and Robert Haus (who actually used their names today), were pissing and moaning like little girls that a fine Republican like Rick Perry was dropping out, while an infidel like Donald Trump was leading the polls!

Republicans act like there is a “purity” test that only certain candidates pass, and then the good ship America will be on the right course! Bullshit.

All you have to do is look at the past 100 years and examine whose agenda has been advanced. It would seem to me to be a 100% liberal or Democrat agenda that has been advanced. Sort of. It’s not the liberal agenda that actually helps the working man. It is more of big government smorgasbord that ends up helping ‘government’ itself, and corporate entities.

Some of the issues that have advanced are abortion on demand. Larger and larger government. More and more taxes. More restrictions on firearms. More intrusive and spying government. Wide open borders, de facto amnesty. Environmental Nazism. The elimination of God from the public square. Government schools, government universities. Government run healthcare.

What conservative issue has been advanced the past 100 years? Not taxes. Not the size of government. Not the scope of government. Not God. Not guns. So the question is, what purpose is there to electing another Republican? Another Rick Perry? Another Bush? If one thing Republicans have proven, it is that they are incapable of changing the status quo.

100 years is a good span of time to judge a party. And that judgement is not good. Executive orders are out of control. Treaties are being made that aren’t called “treaties”, and are skirting Constitutional Law. Wars are undeclared and perpetual. “Trade deals” are made that benefit corporations at the expense of Americans. We are taking in as refugees who are openly hostile to our way of life.

Rick Perry and the rest of the Republican establishment are complete and utter failures. They must go. A new crop of leaders must be voted in. Trump, Carson, Fiorina and other outsiders. They can do no worse. They will stop pounding America into the ground. This insanity will stop. It must stop. Remarkably, the voters seem to “get it”. Even if the establishment doesn’t.

I realize Trump does not pass the purity test. I also realize that electing one of the establishment candidates is a guarantee for failure. Time to try a new tact. Bush, Graham, Pataki, Walker, Christie, are simply the ingredients of a recipe for disaster.

Jim Roach

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