“Dump the Trump rally draws hundreds outside the candidate’s speech”

“We want to send a clear message to Donald Trump that his politics of hate and bigotry are not welcomed,” said Dallas lawyer Domingo Garcia, who helped organize Monday’s Dump the Trump protest.   [Dianne Solis – Dallas Morning News]

I bet the Mexicans were protesting. Trump is threatening to derail the gravy train. Just last week USA Today had an article where they found over half of Mexican immigrants are on welfare. I imagine they would be upset at the very idea of someone saying, ‘get your damn hand out of my back pocket!’ It is pretty nice when you can use the system to steal from other people. Farmers and bankers have known that for awhile.

In this case we have foreign nationals trying to influence an election. For over forty years they have had quite the racket going, and now someone is threatening it. Someone is actually standing up for the American people, instead of Mexicans. Someone is putting America first. Someone is saying no!

As has been pointed out in numerous studies, illegals cost the American taxpayer $10,000 dollars apiece. About $240 billion each year. That is a lot of protest! Someone is saying uh uh, no more! Someone is saying no more to Mexico’s #2 source of income, money sent back from America. Oh yeah, a lot of people don’t know that.

#1 of course is the money from the illegal drugs they ship to America. But Mexico’s #2 source of income is money sent back from relatives here. How is it you might ask that someone who works for nothing up here, can send back so much money? It’s not cheap to live here, how do they do that? Especially those areas where illegals tend to congregate, LA, Denver, Houston?

It costs a lot of money to live there. Yet they send back so much money to Mexico it is their #2 source of income?? It’s welfare ya morons! As was pointed out by a Marshalltown cop on talk radio here in central Iowa one time, “They work under an assumed name, get welfare under their real name, and sell drugs out of their trailer.” Duh.

I bet Latinos are upset at Americans! It’s been a pretty sweet deal, free medical care at emergency rooms, their children’s education they don’t pay for, food stamps, subsidized housing, WIC and on and on and on…

Trump is threatening all that. The American taxpayer has been paying for all that. Who wouldn’t want “the other guy” to pay? History is filled with that. That’s what slavery is all about. And the Mexican illegal has been perfectly ready to indenture the American taxpayer to pay for him.

Jim Roach

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