A couple of things I don’t get about the ‘Great Debate’

All this coverage in the prelude to tonight’s presidential debate on CNN has me scratching my head. What is this obsession with “attacking” Donald Trump??? You’d think he was some three-headed evil alien! Good God people, he’s running for president, he’s not plotting to destroy America. In fact his motto is he wants to, “Make America great again!” What the hell is so attack worthy about that?

He also wants to be the greatest jobs president the country has ever seen. What the hell is wrong with that? He wants to take care of vets and build up the military. Oh, isn’t that subversive. He wants immigrants to be of the legal variety and have the habits of liberty. And he wants Social Security to be around a long time to pay its obligations. Hang the man!

Good grief, what a bunch of jealous weasels with low poll numbers. Get over it. Remember your loyalty pledge. That went both ways. You seem to be forgetting that now that it looks like Trump is going to be the nominee. Especially the Weasel in Chief Rand Paul, grow up you little twit. We can’t all be president, I suggest you damn well get behind the nominee.

Jim Roach

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