Do you suppose The Club for Growth knows who the enemy is?

So the Washington DC based ‘Club for Growth’ has a million dollar ad buy here in Iowa. Do you suppose they are attacking Hillary? Some other Democrat? No. They are attacking the presumptive Republican nominee. Doesn’t make a lot of sense? It doesn’t to me either. But, that gives you an idea of the fear and loathing establishment Republicans have for Donald Trump.

A million dollars of TV time in Iowa? That’s a lot of time. This ain’t New York. With misplaced priorities like that, it isn’t surprising no one ever heard of the ‘Club for Growth’.

Someone else who really hates Trump is Rand Paul. Today he was at a gun range and said, “Trump deserves both barrels.” That’s getting a little creepy. Is he visualizing shooting Trump? At first I thought it was kind of cute when Rand would get all angry at him, his cheeks would turn rosy, his ears would wiggle when he talked, he’d clench his fist. But boy, when he starts talking about shooting Trump…

I guess Rand Paul’s campaign slogan should be, “Vote for Paul, Trump is horrible!” It might work I suppose, but it really doesn’t make an argument for why anyone should vote for you. People seem to like Trump, based on the polls, they don’t like you.

Jim Roach

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