My gosh CNN holds a poor debate.

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The majority of the presidential debate on CNN last night seemed to be them starting catfights between candidates with this, “He said this about you, are you going to take it?” Good grief, Kasich finally called them on it. He said Americans are waiting to hear what we are going to do about important issues facing this nation, and you have us talking about this crap? On and on and on… it was so schoolyard. It was a little obvious CNN was going for the outrageous soundbite. The American people deserve better.

Rubio really shined. He gets it on immigration, both legal and illegal. His knowledge of foreign affairs appeared to me to be formidable. Great demeanor. Knocked my socks off. He’s perfect on God, guns and gays. If he isn’t president, Trump should make him Secretary of State.

Fiorina was good. Until she got to the 14th Amendment. She blew it! She’s either lying or stupid. Her bullshit interpretation of “birthright citizenship” is a betrayal of the American citizen. (Trump got the 14th Amendment exactly right. That and immunizations.)

Huckabee, once again fantastic. National Sales Tax Plan? Works for me! The bit about how we make accommodations for the  Fort Hood shooter? And we can’t find a way to work with Kim Davis? Spot on.

Rand Paul stood in stark contrast to the warmongers and big government Republicans. The dude has a great message. For some reason Republicans are too dense to embrace it.

Bush and Walker were irrelevant. Ditto for Christie. What is his purpose? Kasich seems like a very nice man. But this group is the problem, not the solution.

Carson? He’s not a politician.

Ted Cruz is incredible. You believe it when he talks about his rigorous adherence to Constitutional principles. That and anyone who realizes what Mitch McConnell is has my vote. (Well, Ted’s out. I did a little research on his immigration positions. He wants amnesty, double the legal immigration, and increase H1B visas 5 times. Screw you Teddy.)

Then you come to The Donald. Not a policy wonk. Not a natural politician. Not couth. Drives the establishment up the wall. What America needs? Yep.

Jim Roach

Carrot cake! (2) nj

[Who am I kidding? Republicans are full of shit. The debate was held in the Reagan Presidential Library. They think Reagan was God. Reagan raised taxes on the poor and working class through an increase in the Social Security payroll tax. Then he turned around and cut taxes for rich people. Along with that he setup a system to drop in IOU’s to the trust fund while robbing it blind. Then he ran up the national debt in a military buildup he couldn’t pay for. All this after he inherited LESS than a trillion dollar debt from Carter. He tripled the national debt. He took a debt that was at least manageable, and exploded it. Any party that thinks this man is God, after perpetrating such a trifecta of financial malfeasance upon the nation, is not my party. I can’t vote for these maggots. They steal from the poor and give to the rich. The reason no one talks about it? Both parties were complicit. Republicans controlled the Senate, Democrats controlled the House.]

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