Dear CNN, Obama’s daddy was a Muslim

I hate to break it to you CNN, but Islam considers Barrack Hussein Obama a Muslim. In that cult, when a Muslim has a child, that child is considered Islamic. That child may not practice that religion, but that is not what is being considered. According to their own rules, that’s the way it is. According to Islam, Obama is a Muslim. That is their rules. It is not debatable. I’m sorry you don’t like what the Koran says.

Besides CNN, are you saying there is something wrong with being a Muslim? Are you saying he would not be eligible to serve as president if he was a Muslim? Those seem to be your assertions. I admit, as we have been at war with Islam for over 40 years (over 200 really), it does make for a sticky situation.

No one is arguing he is a practicing Muslim. As a child attending Muslim schools, he grew to love the sound of the daily prayer bells, and the trappings of Islam, but no one is arguing he practices it now. It is well documented he attended for 20 years the anti-Semitic church of Reverend Jeremiah Wright, that hates Jews and America. That Obama never repudiated.

I am sure CNN, you can understand Trump’s dilemma. Trump believes that man who asked the question, has freedom of speech. It may not be speech CNN likes, but it was that man’s speech. Trump did not realize American’s no longer have free speech. Trump did not realize he was responsible for that man’s speech. Trump thought he was only responsible for his own speech.

Perhaps CNN, if you had notified Mr. Trump ahead of time, that he was responsible for the speech of everyone of his supporters, he could of done a better job of condemning the man for stating his opinion. Swear to God CNN, Mr. Trump did not realize he could only allow speech at his rallies that conformed to CNN speech standards.

Besides CNN, I feel it is completely irresponsible of you not to have published these speech standards. How was that bubba at the rally to know he was violating your standards for acceptable speech, if you hadn’t published them? Trust me CNN, we would be more than happy to speak only that speech, and have only those thoughts you deem acceptable, but you must publish these new standards.

As Americans, we were operating under the assumption we could say what we damn well please. We did not realize the new rules. Forgive us all to hell, CNN. We thought it took an act of Congress to repeal the Bill of Rights, we didn’t realize you had done it for them.

Additionally CNN, for Wolf Blitzer, Anderson Cooper and Dana Bash as Jews, who trace their lineage mother to child, to sit there and act like they don’t know Muslims trace it from father to child, is preposterous beyond the pale. Your cultural knowledge of Islam is way greater than that. Don’t even pretend to be so ignorant.

And in conclusion, I’ve always been rather proud of America’s tradition of welcoming the free flow of speech and ideas. I don’t want America to become like the Soviet Union was,  or North Korea, or Cuba, or any of the Middle Eastern nations, where free speech is not allowed. I want free speech to grow, not diminish.

Jim Roach

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