Ever wonder why America can’t win the drug war?

illegal-drugs kk

They aren’t fighting it. Having a rotten to the core DEA doesn’t help; Crooked agents kept jobs at DEA [USA Today 9/28]  That is an incredible article. Of the 50 agents a review board recommended firing, only 13 were terminated. And they got their jobs back! That’s right! Sex parties, drug parties, government money and resources used, and they can’t be fired! It’s pretty hard to win a drug war, when you aren’t fighting it.

Carl Pike, formal internal affairs: “If we conducted an investigation, and an employee actually got terminated, I was surprised. Truly, truly surprised.”

Using agency full auto weapons for training in their private security business. Convincing women they would be healed if they had sex with an agent. Threatening to give a sex tape to an 8-year-old. Distributing drugs. Lying to authorities. Using confiscated drug cartel money. DUI’s with government vehicles.

“A culture of protection”, the donut-eaters protecting each other, a thoroughly corrupt organization from top to bottom. A ‘Law Enforcement’ agency that is completely lawless.  The American taxpayer’s tax dollar being totally squandered. A complete absence of Congressional oversight. Your precious “law and order” Republicans aren’t going to do a damn thing.

Grassley? Nothing. King? Nothing. Ernst? Nothing. The “check and balance” is no where to be found. A government out of control. Millions of American lives destroyed by drugs, and resultant incarceration. Billions of dollars forever squandered on unserious prisons, courts, law enforcement, all the while the southern border remains wide open. The drugs pour in. Millions of people in prison, and the people in the DEA who should be in prison, aren’t.

One of the best things this culture of corruption does? All those millions upon millions of felons from all those drug convictions? All those now poor and destitute individuals? They can’t vote. It’s one way they make sure a Bernie Sanders never gets elected. Felons can’t vote. There are a lot more poor people in this country than rich people. The poor people could elect anyone they wanted. If they could vote.

Jim Roach

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