Address mental illness reporting

Oregon is the latest location to experience the deadly consequences of the establishment’s insanity. They keep repeating the same actions, and expect things to change. It will be found that Christopher Mercer had previous run-ins with law enforcement and a court system that did nothing. It will be found that Christopher Mercer was in contact with a mental health system that did nothing. It will be found that Christopher Mercer’s family knew he was dangerously mentally ill, and did nothing.

CNN at this very moment is yakking about “gun violence”. They will not address dangerous psychotics. They will not address that if hospitals are required to report persons with certain communicable diseases to county authorities, then mental health professionals should be required to report dangerous psychotics. People are dying because of the ridiculous notion of self reporting on background forms.

The response from the establishment will be the same, ineffectual nothingness that sets up to sacrifice the lives of the next group, and do it all over again. The establishment will not come after the deadly notion of “gun free” zones. The establishment will not admit that when students are at school, they, the establishment, are responsible for their safety. They will not admit that if you are preventing someone from defending themselves, you are saying you will protect them. For some reason the public accepts bureaucratic inertia.

The family knew this murderer was dangerous. His “privacy” ended where the safety of others began. His mental health provider knew he was dangerously psychotic. We know he lied on the background checks to buy the weapons. We know the county prosecutor will have missed chances to prosecute and prevent this act simply from laziness and not being held accountable. And, you have idiots like Governor Branstad, who actually close down mental health hospitals. The single greatest prevention mechanism.

Never let a tragedy go to waste. Address mental health reporting. Address self reporting on background checks. Address the lack of security plans on campus. Address prosecutorial accountability. Address the deadly consequences of gun free zones. Address improving background checks.

Jim Roach

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