“Hospital bombed”

22 killed in airstrikes   [ABC News Sunday]

U.S. warplanes bomb a Doctors Without Borders makeshift hospital, who had notified U.S authorities months ago of their precise GPS coordinates. Plus, they had notified authorities at the start of the bombing that they were bombing a hospital. It continued another 30 minutes. At the end of it, 19 staff and patients were dead, 37 seriously injured.

This happened 48-hours after a lunatic in Oregon murdered 9 people. The U.S government has that lunatic beat all to hell. Since our wars began in Afghanistan and Iraq, we have killed at a minimum, over half a million innocents. Not combatants, civilians. 500,000 plus. That’s a lot of people. That’s 166 times what they killed of ours.

It makes for a great morality discussion. On the one side you have John McCain and Lindsey Graham and the rest of the warmonger neocons urging nonstop war, against the nutcase Muslims who caused 911, killing 3,000 of our people. Half a million of theirs, for 3,000 of ours is quite the multiple. It has caused quite the intense hatred of us, and fueled one hell of a jihad against us.

But just in this latest little skirmish is an interesting discussion. How is the U.S. government superior to Chris Mercer? He killed 9 innocents, the government killed 19. Is the pilot going to be put on trial? How about the general who approved the strike? The gunner? How are they morally superior to Mercer?

One thing the Roseburg, Oregon campus shooting showed, do not comply with a gunman’s orders. That got them killed. They got on the floor. They then got shot. Make it hard for him. Attack him. I was thinking today, if you hear shots coming down a hallway, men get on each side of the classroom door, when the gunman comes in, attack. He can’t shoot both sides of the door at the same time. The other side of the door can jump him and rip him to shreds.

That’s the downside to having a dumbed down society that can’t think for itself. It gets you killed. Lemmings. Do not obey. Fight. The government doesn’t want that though. They want a bunch of compliant idiots. Much easier to manipulate. It’s pretty bad when a society loses it’s survival instinct. Grab something heavy, and get on both sides of the door.

Jim Roach


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