“Training Afghan soldiers is just not working”

[David J. Lynch – USA Today 10/6]

What’s it going to take for Americans to get a clue? Lynch lays out the complete and utter failure of 14 years of “nation building” in Afghanistan. 14 years of failure. The opium crop is back. The Taliban is back. Thousands of U.S. trained Islamic fighters, dropping their U.S. taxpayer bought weapons and running like little girls at the first sign of extremists is back.

His article isn’t that long, but it is filled with ironic tidbits. Forget the total cost to the U.S taxpayer of the war in Afghanistan, just what we have spent on training that F-Troop of a force is staggering. $65 billion. That’s right, the U.S taxpayer has invested $65,000,000,000 in those girly men so that “a few hundred Taliban are able to overrun several thousand government soldiers and police”. That’s right, and you are going to spend another $4 billion just this year alone.

And all this is to help people who hate us. They call it “green on blue” when Afghan soldiers turn their weapons on American trainers and murder them. 83 times in the past 3 years. Isn’t that great? We risk our lives, bankrupt ourselves, bomb doctors without borders, just so those dumb bastards can turn the weapons we bought them, on our soldiers.

Lynch has a lot of other great points in his article, but just those high points blew me away. One of the most staggering results out of this for me, was wondering how the warmongering neocons like McCain and Graham can any longer be taken seriously? The interventionist Mideast policy has failed at every turn, in every country. There is not one bright spot to point to in the 14 years since 911.

Forget the theoretical discussions about policy on the Sunday morning talk shows, we have over a dozen years of evidence. Failure, failure and more failure. How can McCain and Graham go on these shows and not be laughed off the set? Nothing they have pushed for has worked. We are worse off.

Okay, so they have nearly 100 % of the media to cover for them and help push the agenda of the military/ industrial complex, but how do you explain the complete ignorance of the American people? It is their money being squandered. It is their kids being burnt, mutilated, blown to hell and killed for absolutely no reason. How stupid can a people be to let this go on?

Decade after decade they keep getting told the same lie, and believing it! Oh I know! The “if we don’t fight them over there, we’ll have to fight them here” argument. Our government is bringing them here! Hundreds of thousands of young Islamic male “refugees”. Hey stupid! Refugees are women and children and old men, not young men of fighting age!

They don’t have the air force and navy to get here on their own, your government is spending YOUR dime to bring them here! People who hate us!  We’re fighting them over there, AND our government is bringing them here! The worst of both worlds. You can’t make this crap up.

Jim Roach

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