Dear CNN, no one gives a rodent’s rear end about the Democrat debate

rats ass mjuj

Poor Anderson Cooper is on CNN waxing excitedly about tomorrow’s Democrat debate. Psst! Coop! No one gives a rat’s ass! It looks like the fix is in for Hillary. There won’t be any indictments. The establishment chokes at the idea of Bernie Sanders. The pendulum has swung in the direction of the rich the past 200 years, and they ain’t about to let Bernie swing it the other way now!

The Democrats are a completely debased party utterly lacking in anything resembling morals or scruples. The campaign slogan for their de facto nominee is, “You can’t prove it!” Very smart people have warned us against the idea of electing a person with the idea that you can separate their moral character from their public performance. You can’t. The dirt and rot inside Hillary’s soul will spill out upon the country.

The vaunted fourth estate will continue covering for the establishment. That filthy collection of politicians, business, academia and media that feeds off the bones of the working class while claiming to work for them. Absolute slime bags like the Des Moines Register whose single greatest goal in life is to ensure the uninterrupted killing of unborn human children. How you lose to a party like that is beyond me.

If CNN gets half the viewers of the Trump debates I would be greatly surprised.

Jim Roach

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