“Even Carson’s most controversial comments – about Muslims, Hitler and slavery”

Friday’s article by Jennifer Jacobs went a long way in supporting the notion that she is the dumbest woman in Iowa. Controversial comment about Hitler? Carson has said that the first thing a despotic government does is disarm the people. Guess what? You can’t march people into the gas chambers if they are armed. Duh! How tough is that? How is that controversial? You don’t want people to fight to survive? How impossibly stupid are you to want people to line up obediently to die? Goodnight! You might still get 11.3 million murdered, but they are going to take a few million with them if they have rifles and shotguns. The soldiers “just obeying orders” might have second thoughts. My guess is, it don’t happen.

What “controversial” things did Carson say about Muslims? He said that Islam is not just a religion, it is also a governmental system. Islam don’t have much without the enforcement mechanism of an Islamic government. That mechanism is Sharia Law. Carson simply pointed out that any Muslim who didn’t subordinate Sharia Law, to the ‘Law of the Land’, the Constitution, was wholly unfit to be President. How in the sam hell is that controversial? The President swears to uphold the Constitution of these United States. Not some piece of crap headloppers creed. Good God Jacobs, were you dropped on your head as a child? Repeatedly? Was your brain deprived of oxygen in a horrible swimming accident? How on earth does one person get so stupid?

Jim Roach

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