“Cruz: U.S. ‘one liberal justice’ from irreparable damage”

ted-cruz hvk

My God that man is a disappointment. The Des Moines Register has an article today with Cruz warning Iowa Republicans that if they don’t elect the right president, the next Supreme Court nominee will go liberal and the U.S. as we know it will end. Teddy ‘ol buddy,  I got news for ya. This country has already gone over the falls.

And B., I’ve heard this court nominee crap before. In 1973 and Roe v Wade, the court had a 5 -4 Republican majority. In the past 2 decades it has often been 7 – 2 in favor of Republican appointees. It has gotten us exactly what? Give me a break you fraud. You talk a good game, but your record is clear.

You are a slave to corporate interests. You want to drive down wages with amnesty. You want to double legal immigration. You want to quintuple H1-B visas. You want to destroy America. Bush (deservedly) takes a hit on his stance on immigration. Rubio (undeservedly) takes a hit on immigration. You’re the one who should be taking a hit on immigration. You stinking traitor.

Jim Roach

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