Note to Sanders campaign, when you hold a candidate rally, have the candidate show up!

Goodnight! That disorganized campaign is going to knock off the toughest crime boss Washington has ever seen? I don’t think so. You get one shot to take out Hillary, you better make it count. Bernie’s going to be sleeping with the fishes. She is completely above the law, Congress can’t touch her, she has the biggest balls on the Democrat side.

Standing by the Des Moines river for 2 hours with the least entertaining advance team politics has ever seen, is not going to endear you to your supporters. You want these people to donate to you? You want them to spend hours at rally’s and phone banks? You want them going door to door with literature? You want them to caucus for you on a February night in Iowa? And you treat them like crap?

No, I don’t think so. You got one shot at this, and you are treating the people who could put you over the top, like crap. You didn’t bring your ‘A’ game.

On the Republican side it appears the establishment favorite is sinking fast. Jeb ‘Titanic’ Bush’s campaign seems to be on its last legs. Cutting staff, cutting pay, no juice, no press. Ben Carson (aka Mr. Excitement) has knocked Trump off the top perch in Iowa. Cruz is gaining, God help us. If that amnesty loving fraud gets it I’m going to scream. Come on Rubio!

Jim Roach

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