“Long Road to Hell: America in Iraq”


Funny thing about Fareed Zakaria’s new documentary on CNN, Long Road to Hell: America in Iraq, no one responsible for lighting the match that set the entire Middle East on fire, wants to take responsibility. Not Bush. Not Cheney. Not Rumsfeld. Not Powell. Hmm. And perhaps more surprising, or not, we’ve learned nothing from it.

The tail is still wagging the dog. Follow the money. The military industrial complex is still calling the shots. People like Rand Paul who call this foreign policy the lunacy for which it is, is called an “isolationist”. Hillary is still “all in” for it on the Democrat side. The people on the Republican side who are likely to win are for this madness.

The young people being sent off to die seem no wiser. Their parents, who should be, aren’t either. The taxpayer getting billed for this is silent. For the few of us that have a clue, Fareed made one hell of a special.

Jim Roach

Down in the 'hood


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